In my childhood I grew up with dogs. A short time with the German Longhaired Pointer (Astor) and a lot longer with the Pulie Dog (Timmie). Since Timmie died, we didn’t have a dog at home. The Disney movie Oliver & Company has also contributed to my dog love. A new dog was promised by my parents when I got married, 9 years after that wedding day the dog finally came.

A boy’s dream came true, Loef the Stabyhoun (with a twist of Wetterhoun) came into our lives. Unfortunately we had a lot of bad luck and after a lot of veterinary visits we had to say goodbye after 14 months. A new dog does not fit into our special family life at the moment, but that dog’s love did need an outlet.

That is why I chose a project about street dogs with “Oliver & Company” in my subconscious mind. With my photography (wedding photographer is my profession) I want to tell the stories of these special dogs.


From an unbiased journalistic point of view I look at the situation of the street dogs. I see dogs coming to the Netherlands, I read stories about abuses and I hear special methods to solve it. My first findings are that this problem can only be solved when no new house dogs end up on the street. This is a cultural thing, where one person finds a loyal friend in a dog, the other sees it as a snack and the third encounters a lot of inconvenience with them. “It’s just a street dog”, right?

I give a face to cultural differences without judging or changing reality.

These projects depend on my own financial resources, that’s why I ask for donations on this site for new reports. Everyone can contribute, with donations of 25 euros and above I also mention your name in the relevant projects. Business listings in the projects, Social Media are possible. For businesses, special sponsorships and collaborations please contact me via

The shelters from the reports receive all the visual material to convey their mission and story. The shelters are brought to the attention so that the animals can be cared for and / or find a new permanent home.

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At this moment the donation are used for the current project of the shelter “Gouves Animal Shelter”. Mentions are done at all the stories form this project.

  • Stray dogs in a Cretan Shelter
  • Highlights Gouves Animal Shelter
  • Feeding the Stray Cats on Crete

Direct donations to the shelter can be done via their own website, this information can be found at the projects.

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