Feeding the Stray Cats on Crete

“You have to go with mister Manolis”

On my first day at the Shelter (out of three) at the end of the day I had to go with mister Monolis. He doesn’t speak English and my Greek vocabulary is not more than Gyros and Tzatziki. He gives me a can of petfood and gestures that I have to take it with me. The passenger seat is getting cleared out. A large plastic container, filled with scented food, is behind me. The car window opens and we can go for a ride.

Hit the road

Seat belts are overrated on the Greek island and before I know the car stops. I jumped out to see what was going to happen. Caring for the dogs and cats in the shelter alone isn’t enough for mister Manolis. Every morning and evening he feeds the cats from the street in the Neighbourhood. The shelter is situated on a abandoned military base and covers a big area. We stopped at more than 10 places, he honks a few times and a cat family is coming from all over the place. They know that food is on its way.

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